Event Activated Monitoring

Our solutions allow us to deter, protect, review and respond to any situation.

As well as placing personnel on site, Profile employs the latest technology, installing event activated monitoring services.

For a cost-effective turnkey solution that adapts to your needs, Profile can network up to 20 wireless motion-sensing cameras, or deploy a choice of stand-alone CCTV solutions.

Designed for the harshest environment, these are ideal for:

  • Remote rural locations and fly-tipping blackspots
  • Compounds with multiple entrances
  • Monitoring urban demolition sites
  • Overlooking flood defences
  • Watching over storage facilities

Our CCTV poles and towers work day and night, include thermal imaging cameras and provide live pictures to our monitoring station. Recording digital footage, they don’t require a mains power supply and can run for up to 28 days in continuous operation.

Keeping tabs on intruders and the equipment

As soon as an event is picked up on camera, we will sweep into action with a pre-agreed course of action – from warning off intruders via an onsite PA system or contacting a key holder, dispatching our Mobile Patrols or calling the police and emergency services.

Our dedicated operations team routinely check the condition of the equipment, organise engineer visits and can redeploy the equipment as necessary.

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We keep you up to speed. Find out more about our agile LIMIT system.

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Innovation, taking us to the LIMIT

Where technology can be used to deliver higher standards of security, Profile will innovate. LIMIT puts you in control: a proprietary online management tool unique to Profile that monitors every aspect of your security contract.

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