With access to the best technical and professional skills, Profile has the answers you need.

What sets Profile apart from its competitors is the care with which we manage your security: the way we assess your requirements, the many skills we call upon to design the right package and the innovative ways we use technology.

Just as unique is the way we share our knowledge. Managers, consultants and experts in different disciplines, our training brings together best practice. Human and hi-tech resources working in concert to provide the very best security solutions.


Your team, our team, central to your security or complementary, we’ll help you strike the right balance.

event activated monitoring

Another set of cost-effective technologies, these turnkey solutions can be up and working in three days.

void property services

Protect a vulnerable empty property with a range of solutions that deter intruders and support you in a crisis.


Opt for flexible security that grows and adapts, keeping trouble at bay as the landscape changes.


We’ll take a forensic look at your security, pre-empt a bad move or chase criminals into the law courts.


Our Training Academy runs independent, accredited courses in all aspects of risk and business continuity.

Innovation, taking us to the LIMIT

Where technology can be used to deliver higher standards of security, Profile will innovate. LIMIT puts you in control: a proprietary online management tool unique to Profile that monitors every aspect of your security contract.

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