Ad agencies, Banks, Councils… Profile knows its A-B-C when it comes to office security.

When your doors are manned with Profile’s smart Security Guards, it’s important we project the right image – one that matches your own organisation’s values.

Meeting and greeting staff every morning, our Officers are also the first point of contact for many visiting executives and VIPs.

Our Security Officers and their teams will take care of city headquarters, regional offices and commercial properties, patrolling the premises, controlling goods in and out, searching individuals and vehicles, monitoring CCTV cameras and more.

The right profile

Many Profile guards and front-of-house staff on Reception have years of experience working with the public. Courteous, smiling and polite, they’re on hand to help visitors connect with your people. But behind the smart appearance, they’re just as capable in a crisis.

As you’ll see if you read any of the pages of Profile’s newsletter, they are often commended for their initiative, bravery and the speed with which they intervene to resolve potential security breaches, incidents and accidents.

Flexible, too

Profile guards can perform multiple tasks and add value in all sorts of ways. As well as carrying out their regular duties, they can assist with CCTV arrangements, supervise your car parks, handle mail room traffic or even administer first aid.

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Security Consultants

We’ll check your premises, systems and infrastructure.
Our experts help protect people, performance, interests and reputations.

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Innovation, taking us to the LIMIT

Where technology can be used to deliver higher standards of security, Profile will innovate. LIMIT puts you in control: a proprietary online management tool unique to Profile that monitors every aspect of your security contract.

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