Working closely with colleagues and clients, Profile is committed to a greener, cleaner future.

We believe that all businesses should be good citizens. At Profile, we strive to reduce the impact our operations have on the environment. And we’re always looking at ways we can encourage our customers, suppliers and other business associates to do the same.

A root and branch approach

As an organisation, Profile Security Group can make a difference to the environment by conserving energy and reducing the amount of waste we generate.

By operating in an ethical and sustainable way in all areas of our work, we recognise our obligation to carry out our business activities in a socially responsible way. We do this, not just to enhance our reputation, or people’s perceptions, but because we genuinely care about the future.

Planting trees and spreading the message

By adopting the highest ethical, legal and environmental standards, we are committed to the best interests of our people, our customers and the communities in which we work. Our aims are:

  • To promote employee awareness of the environmental and social effects of purchases
  • To provide our employees with guidance and information to enable them to select sustainable products and services
  • To work with third party suppliers to investigate, introduce and promote environmentally friendly processes
  • To promote relationships with local and smaller suppliers
  • To only purchase products that meet recognised standards
  • To ensure all supply-chain members’ rights are protected and that they are treated with respect and dignity
  • To encourage the use of products which can be recycled, or disposed of, in an environmentally friendly way

Follow our lead

Profile is working with expert consultants to develop a wide-reaching, innovative sustainability plan. Early initiatives to shrink our carbon footprint include changing all energy lighting to low energy fixtures and rolling out telematics across our vehicle fleet.

Looking further ahead, we have committed to an all-electric fleet by 2030. And for the business to be carbon neutral by 2035.

Click here to read or download our full Environmental & Sustainability Policy (PDF)

Click here to read or download our Carbon Reduction Plan (PDF)

To find out more about environmental, social and governance measures, as well as our Corporate Social Responsibility programme, contact Profile.

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