Using technology to your advantage: smarter ways to leverage CCTV.

There are many ways in which close-circuit television can come into its own when integrated into your security strategy.

CCTV can be central to your approach. It can support Officers at your site. Or it can work by itself, only coming into play when unexpected activity occurs. Profile can:

  • Fix permanent cameras to your premises for 24/7 cover
  • Devise temporary cover for a short spell or a special event
  • Link the cameras to Profile’s National Control Centre
  • Arrange and train your own monitoring team on site
  • Give you a choice of manned surveillance or automated, stand-alone devices that are event activated.

We can tailor any of the above to your needs. The net result? Seasoned operators who can respond to events as they happen, working with the Emergency Services and the Police.

There’s an option that’s right for you

The answer may be a stand-alone resource or a back-up to your existing CCTV arrangements, installed year-round or to cover specific periods in a day or during holiday absence.

Talk to us about designing a seamless solution that covers every angle.

Got a remote or empty property? Our teams and tech have a solution for you.

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Innovation, taking us to the LIMIT

Where technology can be used to deliver higher standards of security, Profile will innovate. LIMIT puts you in control: a proprietary online management tool unique to Profile that monitors every aspect of your security contract.

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