Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Advice to Officers and Preventative Measures

  • If you are displaying any symptoms of COVID-19, you are advised to call NHS 111 immediately. This is particularly important if you are:
    • pregnant
    • have a diagnosed breathing condition (e.g. COPD)
    • have a heart condition
    • suffer from a low immune system

    You must then contact Profile’s National Control Centre (01133 839 036) to advise them of the advice you have received.
    Further information can be obtained online using the links on this page.

  • If you have returned to this country from abroad, you must contact your manager before returning to work, telling them where you have been and how long for. They will advise what action you need to take. Further information is available using the links on this page.
  • All reported cases of client staff who are self-isolating or who have contracted COVID-19 will have flags raised against the relevant sites on the Timegate System database. If one of these sites is your place of work, you will be advised by your manager of the course of action you will need to take.
  • A database of affected sites is being maintained by our National Control Centre and the Health & Safety Team.

We will continue to keep you updated via the website or when further advice is given from the government or health care providers. Be vigilant and follow the advice given by the NHS and other leading medical organisations. Contact your manager if in doubt.