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Security Control Room. For nationwide coverage.

Profile is committed to ensuring the continuity of our business in the event of a major incident occurring at any of our branches across the UK. As part of our robust Business Continuity Policy, we have a ‘nerve centre’ that operates 24/7, 365 days a year.

Located in Leeds, Profile’s Security Control Room works around the clock to support Profile Managers and Security Officers alike. Together, they ensure that our clients benefit from extra peace of mind. The Control Room is responsible for providing and co-ordinating several key security services:

Remote CCTV Monitoring 24-Hour Help Centre Lone Worker Protection

Networked nationwide, Profile’s Security Control Room has CCTV feeds coming in from every corner of the UK. Manned by seasoned operators, they can respond to events as they happen, working with the Emergency Services and the Police.

Whether as a stand-alone resource or as a back-up to your existing CCTV arrangements to cover specific periods in a day or during holiday absence, Profile Security can provide a seamless solution.

Where you need support and advice to direct callers to the right answers, versatile temporary or permanent teams can help. Our national Control Room is equipped with two digital exchanges, each of which has the capability of handling 500 simultaneous calls.

Profile Security can arrange call forwarding and an out-of-hours telephone answering service in your company name. Where your customers need practical support from real people – not an answering machine – our 24-hour help centre will provide the answers. So even when your doors are closed, you stay open.

We're always there to support Profile people. Our Customer Service Managers and Regional Managers look after the interests of all our staff. Out of hours, they also have the support of our Security Control Room.

Able to remotely monitor staff clocking on and off duty, they make supervisory check calls at regular intervals, log incidents, offer advice and deal with emergency situations. If an Officer does not respond to a check call from our Control Room, we take the necessary action, sending in backup to make sure your property remains secure.

Electronic Security Solutions

As part of our monitoring services in Leeds, our Security Control Room provides:

Profile can carry out the necessary surveys and assessments to improve your security. We can recommend what kind of supplementary hardware you might need, where it should be fitted, and provide estimates for the various options so that you too can stay connected 24/7 to our Security Control Room.

With the correct infrastructure in place, your Profile Customer Service Manager will devise an action plan for routine monitoring and for emergency procedures, drawing up a Service Level Agreement detailing exactly the services that will be provided by our Leeds Control Room and our Mobile Patrols on the ground.

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